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In this type of course the student will be given access to WIZIQ online education sites. Files may be in form of PDF, PPT, and doc format. Along with file Training Lecture Videos are also provided which will be facilitating to understand the concepts. Only notes with videos will be supply, No downloadable, no Instructor led, class will be provided. Some reference sites will be available from google drive for download.

NOTE : Classroom training is best and a better way than online but if anyone who is not able to do offline/ class room training than he/ she can go for online course.


OFFLINE laptop repair training gives the students the maximum practical oriented classes with visual classes. Student can experience the industrial based technical training. Students are very much impressed upon the visual classes. laptop repair training students gets Job opportunity, Life time back up support through which students can get cleared their doubts while doing service, after completing the course.

Student can conduct this course in three ways:
1. Full Day training :
In this type of training student have to attend full day classes i.e. they have to give their 6 hrs a days.
2. Regular training :
In this type of training student have to attend 1.5 hrs a day regularly according to their batch’s timing.
3. Fast Track training :
In this type of training student have to attend 8 hrs a day regularly. And student must have basic computer knowledge then only he/she can go under this training. There are certain condition to under this training for more information about this course.

mobile training course


Mobile Repair Training

computer training course


Computer Repair Training

laptop training course


Laptop Repair Training

data recovery course

Data Recovery

Recover Training

iphone repair training


iPhone Repair Training

cctv repair training


CCTV Training

cctv repair training


Tablet Training

printer training course


Printer Training

printer repair training


Repair Training


About Us

Welcome to Intersoft Institute

INTERSOFT is India's most leading institute offering Repairing services and different IT courses since 1998 certified from ISO and successfully imparting computer software training with its excellent and ground-breaking technical skills. Intersoft is first and only institute which offers chip level training in computer and laptop in short term.

intersoft history

1999 INTERSOFT started Computer Hardware Chip Level Training and Networking courses. 2004 INTERSOFT started Mobile Chip Level Repairing courses and Mobile Service Training center with well experienced staff. 2008 INTERSOFT started Laptop Chip Level Training and Laptop Repairing center. Since 2009 INTERSOFT started Smartphone Repairing training for brands such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, etc. 2010 we have successfully established Online Training division of Laptop Repair Training for students who cannot attain offline classes. 2011 INTERSOFT commenced Printer Service, Toner Refilling and Data Recovery Training centre. Keeping success in mind, 2012 we instigate our Tablet PC and iPad Repairing Training course and also started its Bangalore center for Laptop Repair and Training, Data Recovery Training, and Printer Repair Training and Service Center. After that in 2015 we started hard disk firmware training. 2016 we started CCTV installation training. In 2017 we started iPhone chip level training. 2018 we start to learn LCD & LED Tv repair training. We have so far trained above 2000 students for our various online / offline courses listed below till date.


Other Info

Mobile Repair Training

mobile repair training

Module M1 : Mobile Service Training, Parts Replacement
Module M2 : Mobile Phone Repairing Concept Of Common Models
Module M3 : Mobile Software Repair And Troubleshooting
Module M4 : Advance Mobile Smart phone Application & Software Repair Troubleshooting
Module M5 : Advance Mobile Repair And Troubleshooting


Computer Repair Training

computer repair training

Module C1 : Computer Basic Hardware
Module E1 : Basic Electronics Analog, Digital, Practice
Module C2 : Smps Lcd Led Repairing Concept
Module C3 : Computer Motherboard Repairing Training


Laptop Repair Training

laptop repair training

Module L1 : Basic Laptop Service Training
Module L2 : Adapter, Battery , Lcd, Inverter, Etc Repairing Concept
Module L3 : Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Training
Module L4 : Advance Enginearing Level Laptop Chip Level Training


Data Recovery Training

data recovery training

Module D1 : Logical Data Recovery Training
Module D2 : Hard Disk Pcb Repair Training
Module D3 : Physical Data Recovery Training
Module D4 : Hard Disk Firmware Repair Up Gradation
Module D5 : Mrt Device Use For Firmware Repair & Data Recovery
Module D6 : Working Experience Of Hard Disk Data Recovery



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